Double Major Information

For illustrative purposes below are outlines of the electives accepted in the business in the liberal arts major that may also count as either electives or requirements in five established majors at St. Lawrence.  Although this list has been developed with some communication from these departments, there is continuing communication with the respective departments regarding the categorization of the courses below. 

This is not a comprehensive list of double majors, rather a list showing how majors from across the campus might reasonably develop a cohesive double major with business in the liberal arts.

Performance and Communication Arts Majors:

Social Responsibility:

PCA 221: Intercultural Communication

PCA 329: Rhetoric of Social Movements

PCA 328: Interpersonal Communication

Global Citizenship:

PCA 322: Native American Oral Traditions

PCA 255: African-American Drama

PCA 323: South African Drama: Voices of Protest and Selfhood

PCA 330: Ritual Studies

PCA 355: Studies in World Dramatic Literature

Analytic Thinking:

PCA 312: Organizational Communication

PCA 311: Advanced Public Speaking

Social Contexts:

PCA 126: Persuasion: Analyzing Rhetorical Texts

PCA 315: Gender and Communication

PCA 327: Drama By and About Women

Biology/Conservation Biology Major

Social Responsibility:

BIOL 221: General Ecology

BIOL 258: Ethnobotany

BIOL 261: Bioethics

BIOL 330: Ecology of Lakes and Rivers

Global Citizenship:

BIOL 360: Marine Ecology

BIOL 440: Conservation Biology

BIOL 412: Cross Cultural Perspectives in Healing

Analytic Thinking:

            BIOL 101: General Biology

            BIOL 102: General Biology

Social Contexts:

Students double majoring in Biology are encouraged to consider fulfilling this requirement with a social science, arts or humanities distribution.

Psychology Major:

Social Responsibility:

PSYC 313: Industrial/Organizational Psychology

PSYC 318: Environmental Psychology

PSYC 413: Community Psychology

Global Citizenship:

Students double majoring in Psychology are encouraged to consider fulfilling this requirement with a diversity course.  (In the event Cultural Psychology is taught, it would fulfill this elective.)

Analytic Thinking:

PSYC 205: Research Methods in Psychology

Social Contexts:

PSYC 253: Personality

PSYC 317: Abnormal Psychology

PSYC 325: Social Psychology

PSYC 401: Fundamentals of Learning

PSYC 402: Memory and Cognition

Government Major:

Social Responsibility:

GOVT 316: Ethics in Business and the Professions

GOVT 312: Environment Law and Politics

GOVT 343: Ecology and Political Thought

Global Citizenship:

GOVT 108: Introduction to International Politics

GOVT 228: Latin American Politics

GOVT 230 African Politics

GOVT 322: Government and Politics in the People’s Republic of China

GOVT 331: Politics of the Middle East

            *Any GOVT elective focused on regional political questions

Analytic Thinking:

Students double majoring in government are encouraged to consider fulfilling this requirement with a laboratory science course.