Courses in Health Across the Curriculum

AFS 3045 Zombies, Epidemics & Illnesses in Francophone World
AFS 4015/HIST 4017 Health and Healing in Africa
ANTH 3072 Medicines and Meanings
ANTH 4020 Anthropology of the Body
BIOL/GS/REL 412 Cross Cultural Healing
FRPG 2151 Neuroscience of Stress
GNDR 4020 Dis/Ability, Gender and Health
GS 268 Global Health and Justice
HIST 3047 Medicine and Empire
PCA 343 Taboo Performances
PCA 370 Against Health: Rhetoric & the Health Humanities
PH 216: Introduction to Public Health
PH 4001: Social Determinants of Health
PHIL 354 Biomedical Ethics
PSYC 256 Health Psychology
SOC 225 Women’s Health & Aging
SOC 246 Aging and Society w/CBL
SOC 275 Medical Sociology
SOC 308 Death and Dying