Government/Asian Studies Combined Major

Government majors pursuing a combined major in Asian studies must fulfill the regular government  major requirements, though they must take a minimum of seven government  courses distributed  as follows:

Core Courses (3 units): Government majors must complete Introduction to American Politics (103) and Introduction  to Comparative Politics (105). Additionally, students must take either Introduction  to International  Politics (108) or Introduction to Political Theory (206). One of these three introductory courses must be designated writing-intensive and should be completed before the end of the sophomore year. These three introductory  courses must be taken in residence on the St. Lawrence campus.

Research Seminar (1 unit): During the sophomore  or junior year, ideally after completion  of the writing-intensive course, students must take one of the government Research Seminars (290, 291, 292, 293). Students may take only one research seminar.

Asian Politics Course (1 unit): Majors will take either Chinese Politics (322) or a special topics course on Asia.

Elective Courses (2 units): The remaining two units may be earned through a selection of upper division elective courses. Students may count up to one unit of internship coursework or one unit of independent study toward the elective requirements.  No more than one of the elective courses may be taken off campus. Two of the five required  Asian Studies electives must  be outside the government department. One of the electives must include a research component.