1. Gallery Exhibition Explores Belief Systems from Around the World

    The University’s art gallery has kicked off 2020 with an exhibition featuring works from St. Lawrence's permanent collection.

  2. Sustainability Program Students Attend Conference

    Students in St. Lawrence University's Sustainability Program recently traveled to Central New York for a conference focused on organic farming and sustainable farming practices. The Northeast Organic...

  3. A group of 20 Saint Lawrence students stand with their professors as they receive an award.

    Anthropology Prof., Students Honored for Expertise, Integrity in Work with Local Remains

    A St. Lawrence University anthropology professor and more than 20 of her students were recognized by local elected officials on Wednesday, Jan. 15, for their enthusiasm to help a community when it needed them most.

  4. Local, Regional Media Preview Renovated Appleton Arena

    Before the reopening of Appleton Arena on Saturday, Jan. 18, local and regional media outlets talked with St. Lawrence University coaches, staff, and players about the upgrades to one of college...

  5. A group of Saint Lawrence club ski students sit on a snow covered bench at a ski mountain.

    First Person: Hitting the Slopes, Club Sports as a Former Varsity Athlete

    SAM COWLES '22

    For as long as I can remember, my weekends (and as I got older, my weeks) were filled with ski practice. My life was dryland training sessions, days spent on ski mountains, and hours tuning my skis at...

  6. Student Earns Award, Canadian Studies Profs. Organize, Lead Discussions at Biennial Meeting

    Three members of the Canadian Studies department represented the University recently at The Association for Canadian Studies in the United States’ biennial meeting.

  7. A photo of students in a large kitchen preparing a meal together.

    A Delicious Laboratory


    New course brings the Green Café to campus, a new place for students to get a healthy, local dinner

  8. A photo of suitcases stacked on top of one another.

    Arrivals and Departures

    WILLIAM L. FOX '75

    Message from the President

  9. A photo of Shelly Roiger sitting on the sidelines of a basketball court with a clipboard in hand as she shouts out to players.

    As One

    AARON TODD ’00, M’06

    Shelly Roiger’s coaching philosophy emphasizes connections

  10. An illustration of a microchip looking device with several lines of pathways extending out of it that form the shape of a leaf.

    Crunching the Numbers


    From artificial photosynthesis to simulating molecular behaviors of rare platinum metals, St. Lawrence is calculating the future with a new NSF-funded high-capacity computer.