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Environmental Studies Prof Featured on Energy Podcast

Associate Professor of Environmental Studies David Murphy recently shared his expertise on electricity as a guest on the "The Energy Transition Show" podcast.

According to its website, the podcast show with energy expert Chris Nelder features "straight talk about the world’s transition from fossil fuels to renewables."

Murphy was a guest for three episodes about energy basic parts, including electricity, generation, and grid management. 

Listen to the episodes.

  • Episode 126.1 - Energy Basics Part 4 – Basics of Electricity – What electricity is; electricity units; Volts and amps; AC and DC. [00:00 to 23:51]
  • Episode 126.2 - Energy Basics Part 5 – Electricity Generation – How various kinds of electricity generators and power stations work. [23:52 to 55:53]
  • Episode 126.3 – Energy Basics Part 6 – Grid Management – How the electricity transmission and distribution systems are structured and managed. [55:54 to 1:24:54]

Over the course of his career, Murphy has researched the intersection of energy, the environment, and economics. He often teaches Introduction to Environmental Studies, Energy and the Environment, Energy Life Cycle Analysis, and a number of other courses on energy and economics. He is the author of “Renewable Energy in the 21st Century”, the only textbook to teach students about renewable energy from the perspective of the energy transition.

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