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LRC - Staff

The LRC interns have a broad range of responsibilities. Duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to: Assisting students, faculty and staff with computing and printing needs; Assisting students with various software packages from Microsoft Office Suite; Responding to inquiries via e-mail and telephone, and assisted students, faculty, and staff at the front desk; Administrating the database of films, textbooks, and other materials; Coordinating film screenings, and other events, and set up technology in classrooms; Upholding the use policies of the LRC for example, insuring that students log in and out of the lab. Interns are expected to assist with some administrative duties and contribute to the day-to-day functioning of the LRC. The interns work closely with LRC Director to ensure Learning Resource Center runs smoothly.


  • Fernanda Leon: (Assistant Director)
    Major: Undeclared (but I intend to double major in Government and Global Studies).
    Minor: Latin American studies.
    Hobbies: Watching movies, dance, and spend time with my friends.

  • Victoria Oakes:
    Major:  Environmental Studies & Sociology.
    Minor: Arabic Studies.
    Hobbies: Drawing, dancing, and walking my dogs.

  • Aseman Bagheri Sheshdeh:
    Major: Biophysics.
    Hobbies: Violin.

  • Shedrack Bogonko:
    Major: Computer Science
    Minor: Government.
    Hobbies: I love playing rugby and soccer, and I am involved in student government.

  • Zemichael Habtegiorgis:
    Major: Economics and math.
    Minor: Computer science and statistics.
    Hobbies: Soccer.

  • Svetlana Kononenko:
    Major: Neuroscience and Anthropology.
    Minor: Computer science.
    Hobbies: Singing, playing music, and volleyball.

New Interns:

  • Maria Isabel (Isa):
    Major: Double International Economics and Government
    Minor: French
    Hobbies: Run, read, and watch sunsets.
  • Carmen Libombo:
    Major: International Economics-Multi languages
    Minor: Sociology
    Hobbies: Baking, singing, and reading books.
  • Olivia Colarusso:
    Major: International Economics-French Combined
    Minor: Italian Studies
    Hobbies: Skiing and fitness.