Italian Resources


  • Conjuguemos: Interactive quizzes that can be custom timed, provide correct answers, and focus on speed. There are quizzes for grammar, vocabulary from Italian text book chapters and vocabulary organized by themes. Links to vocab lists and flashcards provided as well.
  • Iluss: Grammar resources, reading units and challenging exercises usable on- or offline.
  • Italian 100 Web Exercises: This site from the University of Victoria includes self-checking exercises on both vocabulary and grammar for beginners.
  • Italian Grammar Rules - Rocket Languages: Information on rules in for grammar
  • Italianize yourself: Free online Italian lessons designed so that students can deductively understand Italian grammar rules from dialogues and readings, and reproduce them in the practice section.
  • La Grammatica Italiana: This is an excellent grammar resource from Cristina Mazzoni at the University of Vermont. Each topic area includes a clear explanation, exercises and either a cartoon or proverb or both!
  • Noi Parliamo Italiano: This site has audio and video, reading, games and grammar activities for students of all levels. It also has a great section on Italian culture, as well as information about other useful sites.
  • Speak 7: Grammar & Vocabulary lessons
  • Speak Italian: Learn Italian starting at beginner, intermediate or advanced levels. Includes grammar and vocabulary.
  • Verbix: Conjugate any verb in Italian.

Vocabulary & Flashcards:

  • Digital Dialects: Select a lesson, learn basic vocab, test your skills with an online vocabulary game.
  • IELanguages: Learn basic Italian phrases, vocabulary and grammar through listening to native speakers, reviewing flashcards and playing games.
  • ItalianLingQ: Listen to podcasts from beginner to advanced levels on politics, travel and other topics. Full transcripts are available on PDF.
  • ItalianPod101: The system consists of free daily podcast audio lessons, video lessons, Italian Word of the Day, a premium learning center, and a vibrant user community.
  • L’Italiano in Famiglia: this is 2-level video course (35 episodes). Each episode lasts about 20/25 minutes just to easily teach the Italian language to foreign people.
  • Lang Media: Here you can find videos of common scenarios you might encounter when visiting Italy, such as eating out, visiting a library or needing to make a telephone call. The videos are shot in Italy and all dialogues are natural and spoken by native speakers
  • Learn Italian: Complete lessons, play games and take Italian tests in over 100 Italian topics.
  • Pimsleur Approach: A selection of games that help learn and practice Italian vocab
  • Quia: There are 633 activities to learn and practice Italian
  • Quizlet: Sets of already made flashcards are available to practice with, pronunciation included
  • Surface Languages: Play games to practice Italian vocabulary and to learn pronunciation
  • Transparent Language: Word of the Day page – can subscribe via email, RSS feed, or Twitter.
  • ZapItalian: Learn pronunciation with audio



  • BBC – Italian: Learn how to speak Italian with courses, classes, audio and video, including phrases, the Italian alphabet, vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, activities and many more.
  • Radio Deejay: Listen to the radio and podcasts in Italian. This is one of the most popular stations in Rome. Weekdays from 9-10am is mostly talk, but all other times have a lot of good Italian music!
  • Rai Cultura Italiano: Learn Italian through watching videos (with typed transcripts), answering questions, and playing interactive games.