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Italian courses

101, 102. Elementary Italian.
This two-semester sequence provides an introduction to basic structures and develops skills in speaking, reading, writing and oral comprehension.  In class and in the language laboratory, current materials from Italy are used to familiarize students with aspects of language and contemporary culture. Italian 101 (offered in the fall semester) is open to students with little or no prior study of the Italian language; Italian 102 (offered in the spring semester) requires 101 or its equivalent.

103, 104. Intermediate Italian.
This two-semester sequence is an intermediate level four-skill course designed for students who have successfully completed Italian 102 at St. Lawrence or who enter with several years of high school Italian. The course provides a review of Italian grammar with a focus on oral communication and listening comprehension while exposing students to culturally authentic content. Students continue to practice reading skills by working with literary and non-literary texts, and writing skills through compositions. Materials in class and in the language laboratory facilitate students’ exposure to the various aspects of contemporary Italy and give them insight into its culture and social structures.