The Freeman Foundation Grant | St. Lawrence University Modern Languages

The Freeman Foundation Grant

Through the generosity of the Freeman Foundation, St. Lawrence
University has received a $1,000,000 grant over a four-year period to enhance
our Asian Studies program.  The goals of the grant are to increase the knowledge
and appreciation of Asia on campus, to strengthen the Asian Studies Program, to
facilitate more travel and study abroad for students and faculty, and to
increase resources available to educators/students of Asia in St. Lawrence

Its objectives fall into four broad categories in which SLU seeks to:

  1. increase the number of students enrolling in courses about Asia and
    majoring/minoring in Asian Studies;
  2. increase the number of students studying in Asia and conducting scholarly
    research in Asia;
  3. increase the level of knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of Asia in
    our campus community; and
  4. increase the resources and support available to educators and students of
    Asia, at all education levels, within the North Country.

To achieve these objectives, we have designed a four-year strategic plan
whose components include: faculty development; curriculum development; student
scholarships and awards to conduct research in Asia; student exchanges; and
regional K-16 outreach.