Elective Courses | St. Lawrence University Geology

Elective Courses

Study beyond the core requirements in Geology is typical and highly encouraged.  These courses allow students to pursue additional interests within the realm of Earth Sciences and provide a greater depth to their knowledge. Many of these courses are associated with field trips to world-class locations where an opportunity for intensive study is available.  Directed Study (GEOL 380, 381, 480, 481) in Geology allows students to pursue research and other scholarly activities outside of the traditional classroom setting with the guidance of a faculty member at the junior and senior-levels.  The senior thesis option (GEOL 489, 490) is available for those who wish to take on significant new research in consultation with their research mentor.  Summer research opportunities through the University’s SLU Fellows program and associated with faculty grants is also possible, and encouraged, as an excellent way to begin a thesis project or obtain research experience.

110. Environmental Geology
115. Oceanography
117. Dynamic Ocean On-Line
120. Roadsides and Rivercuts:  North Country Landscapes Through Geological Field Trips
207. Paleoecology
210. Optical Mineralogy
217. Dinosaurs 
248. Geology of the Bahamas
248. SPTP: Introduction to Volcanism
314. Glacial and Quaternary Geology
316. Carbonate Sedimentology
317. Micropaleontology
319. Hydrology and Hydrogeology
320. Regional Field Studies
362. Geochemistry
380,381. Directed Studies in Geology 
391. Research Methods in Scanning Electron Microscopy  (.5 unit)
408. Stratigraphy and Basin Analysis
480,481. SYE: Directed Studies in Geology