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FYS Research Exchange Committee

Shedrack M. Bogonko — Committee Chair

Shedrack is from Nakuru, Kenya. He is on track to becoming a Computer Science major and hopes to find a complementing minor. Currently, He serves as the Chair for Diversity and Inclusion for the student government on campus: Thelmo. He is also in charge of Public Relations for the African Students Union. He enjoys rugby, soccer, rock climbing, show tunes and spending quality time with his friends. He is excited about getting involved with the FYS Research Exchange Committee and the journey ahead.


Eugenia Fernanda Leon Canseco

Fernanda is originally from Oaxaca, Mexico. Throughout her life she developed a strong passion for Social Justice and Education, thus, she is intending a double major in Global Studies and Government, with a minor in Educational Studies. At SLU, Fernanda is part of Model UN Club, La Sociedad and serves as a senator for the Thelomathesian Society. She enjoys watching movies, skyping friends, going for walks and swimming. The FYS Research Exchange Committee will be an amazing opportunity for her to learn from others and work in a team to create a meaningful and memorable academic event.


Charlotte Childs — Marketing Coordinator
Charlotte is from a small town in Southern Connecticut. She is hoping to major in English Literature and Art History. As of now, Charlotte is volunteering at Cornell Cooperative Kitchen and a member of the Club Women’s Hockey Team. She enjoys her drawing class, hanging out with her friends in the dorm, and going on roadtrips on the weekends. Charlotte is looking forward to being part of the FYS Research Exchange Committee to meet new people and learn new skills.


Aida Gueye — Abstract Coordinator

Aida is from Dakar, Senegal. She is planning on majoring in Chemical Engineering. Currently, Aida serves as the President of the Islamic Culture Club and the Vice-President of a new club, SLU Legal, that she helped one of her friends to start. Aida does not like to limit herself to the laboratories and is pretty much curious about any field. She is delighted to be a part of this committee and, as such, to be contributing to the community life in very a meaningful way.


Seungyeon Jade Hong

Seungyeon is originally from Daegu, South Korea. She is planning to major in Conservation Biology and is willing to take on her journey to become a scholar who protects everything that God saw good. She thinks that taking parts in FYS Research Exchange Committee will help her not only to experience what it’s like to plan major academic events but also to get to know so many new friends and learn how to work efficiently as a team.


Daniil Kim

Daniil Kim, current sophomore with an intended major in English and Minors in French and Film Studies, comes from Russia. His true passions are the two: chess and filmmaking. For university extracurricular activities, Daniil is an Admission Ambassador and a member of Global Citizen Advocates as part of the Common Ground Project Connection’s project. He is  honored to be part of FYSRE as meeting new people is always a pleasure. Daniil believes this opportunity will finally reveal all the underwater stones of logistics and will reinforce his opinion that logistics managers are one of the most competent people in the world.


Stephanie Lioudis — Sophomore Mentor Intern

Stephanie Lioudis is from Summit, New Jersey.  She is majoring in global studies, with minors in public health, French, and European studies.  Currently, Stephanie is Secretary for the Campus Kitchens Project and Community Outreach Chair for Planned Parenthood Generation Action.  As part of the FYS Research Exchange Committee, Stephanie is the Sophomore Mentor, having been Logistics Coordinator as a first-year. She is excited to be back on the team and lead this year’s group!


Hope Olson

Hope is from a town on the seacoast of New Hampshire. She plans to major in environmental studies and minor in global studies to further her interest in sustainable living and knowledge of the world. She is currently a member of the Environmental Action Organization and Divest and hopes to help the school adopt more environmentally friendly practices. Hope is also a member of woodcarving club, loves to knit, and loves to be out in nature. As someone who enjoys working on a team and meeting new people, Hope is excited to contribute to the success of this year’s FYS Research Exchange Committee.


Sophie Robie — Communications Coordinator

Sophie is from the seacoast of New Hampshire.  She is interested in Conservation Biology and Studio Art.  Outside of the FYS Research Exchange committee, she serves as the treasurer of Divest and is on the executive board of Club Running.  She also enjoys going to woodcarving club, drawing and going on walks under the full moon. Sophie is excited to be a part of this committee to showcase the hard work of her peers and meet new people!


Ayla Schnier — Class Coordinator

Ayla Schnier is from New Hartford, New York. She intends to double major in Spanish and Global Studies. Outside of FYSRE, Ayla is an employee at the Pub as well as a member of Global Citizens Advocates and the creative writing club. Ayla loves playing music (piano and electric bass!), political activism, hanging out with friends, going to concerts, and playing Pokémon. Ayla is excited to be a part of FYSRE and hopes to learn new skills and get to know all you awesome people!


Jacob Snyder — Set-up and Logistics Coordinator

Jacob is from Averill Park, New York. He hopes to double major in biology and biochemistry and minor in mathematics. Currently, Jacob is a member of CASL (Club of American Sign Language), is considering joining Gospel Choir and is excited to get more involved as a member of the FYS Research Exchange Committee. He has wanted to be a teacher since he was a child and is grateful for this opportunity to practice professionalism and teamwork.