Johnson Hall Power/Water Outage Procedure

Science Complex Power and Water Outage Procedure


Daytime Outage (Monday – Friday, 8 AM – 4 PM):

  1. Facilities Operations will send out a campus wide E-mail notification of the outage including the buildings impacted and the estimated outage time. 
  2. Facilities Operations will proceed through the call list until someone is reached. 


Contact Name

Work Phone

Home Phone

Cell Phone

Suna Stone-McMasters




Rosemary Taylor




Michael Temkin




Larry French




Catherine Jahncke




Kathy Shrady



244 5105



  1. The Faculty or Staff member contacted will quickly spread the news of the unexpected outage and make sure everyone is safe and that all necessary equipment is safety shutdown. 
  2. If the repair time is extended due to unforeseen circumstances then Facilities Operations will follow-up with another phone call to enable faculty and staff to make an educated decision to delay or cancel their lab classes.


Off Hours (4 PM – 8 AM) and Weekend Outage: There are student labs, classes and independent research that take place off hours in all science buildings. 

  1. Facilities Operations will contact security (x5555) and tell them the nature of the outage and estimated time of repair. 
  2. Someone from the security department will immediately come to the impacted buildings and communicate the nature of the outage and make sure all occupants are safe.
  3. If there is a water outage, the following morning, Facilities Operations will proceed through the call list until someone is reached to communicate the nature of the shutdown.  This is required since all emergency eyewash stations need to be flushed out by the lab supervisor after every water outage. 


NOTE – if a power outage is expected to last for 3 or more hours, back up electrical generated power will need to be supplied to select freezers in the Johnson Hall of Science.  Contact the Heating Plant at 315-229-5205 for assistance.


Science Center Faculty and Staff Requirements:

In the event of a water or power outage, it is recommended to cancel lab and stop research if hazardous chemicals and/or biological agents are being used.  However, it is up to the faculty's discretion to continue or cancel lab based on the hazards associated with their specific lab.  All laboratories must have backup saline solution eyewash bottles for emergency use in the event of an emergency water outage.  In addition, all labs should have several gallons of water set aside to rinse glassware and wash hands.