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Golf and Utility Cart Policy

St. Lawrence University Environmental Health and Safety Office

Golf Cart/Utility Vehicle Policy


Safe operation and compliance with state and local rules and regulations for use on the SLU Campus.


Adopted: October 9, 2017

Policy prepared by:

Nick Ormasen, Director of Purchasing and Environmental Health & Safety.  (315) 229-5303   Pat Gagnon, Assistant VP of Safety & Security & Emergency Management, Safety and Security.  (315) 229-5555


The Policy has been prepared for the safety of golf cart/utility vehicle drivers, pedestrians and property.


This policy applies to all employees; faculty, staff and student employees driving, or supervising the operation of golf carts. For the purpose of this policy, a Golf Cart/Utility Vehicle also includes a Gem, John Deere, Gator, and Toro.  This policy does not pertain to vehicles registered for road use.

Safe Operation

  • Golf Cart/Utility Vehicles will be operated with the utmost courtesy, care, and consideration for the safety of pedestrians. Pedestrians will be given the right-of-way at all times.
  • The vehicle must be brought to a complete stop before crossing a public sidewalk or street. 
  • The driver yields the right-of-way to all oncoming traffic.
  • Street crossings are made at a ninety-degree angle to the street and only at crossing locations designated below.
  • Vehicles without headlights and/or taillights are to be used only during daytime operations.
  • Electric turn signals, headlights and taillights are required for operation outside of daylight hours or in conditions of reduced visibility; hand signals suffice for daytime operation.

Crossing Locations and Approved Routes

  • At no time may Golf Cart/Utility Vehicles drive down the public sidewalks and village streets except where indicated on the attached map, Appendix B.
  • Golf Cart/Utility Vehicles may make a direct crossing on Park Street, Maple Street, University Ave, Elm Street, College Ave (See attached map, Appendix B).
  • If materials or supplies need to be moved to locations not accessible by using the approved crossings, a registered vehicle should be used.  Examples locations include:
    • 48, 50, 52, 54 Park Street
    • 38, 40, 77,81,85,87,89,91,93 East Main Street
    • The Cobb and Wight Farm on Rt. 68

Supervisor Responsibilities

  • Supervisors will assure that each employee in their department, who operates a Golf Cart/Utility Vehicle, is advised of this policy.
  • Supervisors are responsible for obtaining a signed copy of the Golf Cart/Utility Vehicle Safety Guidelines Acknowledgement form from each employee in their department who operates a Golf Cart/Utility Vehicle (Appendix 1).  Completed forms must be placed in the employee’s personnel file.
  • Supervisors will provide hands on training to employees before they are allowed to drive a Golf Cart/Utility Vehicle.
  • Report vehicle safety and maintenance concerns to Facilities Operations (x5601) or submit a work request immediately.  Vehicles deemed unsafe will be taken out of service until repairs are completed. 

Employee/Operator Requirements & Responsibilities

  • No one under the age of eighteen (18) will operate a Golf Cart/Utility Vehicle.
  • Golf Cart/Utility Vehicle operators may not drive while wearing devices that impede hearing, including but not limited to cell phones, stereo headsets and earplugs.
  • All passengers must be in seats designed for such use.  No passengers may be transported in the truck beds or on the sides of Golf Cart/Utility Vehicles.  Passengers cannot be seated on another passenger’s lap.
  • Cell phone usage while driving a Golf Cart/Utility Vehicle is prohibited.
  • Each Golf Cart/Utility Vehicle operator is responsible for providing timely notification of safety and maintenance concerns to the supervisor.


Managers shall provide hands-on training to employees assigned to drive golf carts/utility vehicles. This training shall be completed upon initial assignment and will include how to operate the vehicle, review of safe operating procedures and the content of this Policy.


Accident Reporting Process

All accidents involving a Golf Cart/Utility Vehicle must be reported immediately to Safety and Security, the employee’s supervisor, and Environmental Health and Safety, regardless of whether property damage or personal injury occurred. 

Tractors and non-registered Facilities equipment

All tractors and non-registered equipment (excluding Golf Carts\Utility Vehicles) that are that are not registered to operate on the New York State road will bear the Slow Moving Emblem. These will only be operated from the Bridge on Park Street to Wachmeister Field station and the Red Barn and from the University Riding Stables to the Cobb and Wight farm on Rt. 68.  No other use will be permitted on Public Roads.


If you have any questions regarding golf cart and utility vehicle operation or would like more information call contact Environmental Health and Safety (315) 229-5607 or Security (315) 229-5555

Appendix A

SLU Golf Cart/Utility Vehicle Safety Guidelines Acknowledgement Form

The completed form is to be emailed to the Environmental Health & Safety Department.


Appendix B

Map indicating restricted streets and sidewalks, approved crossing locations