Admissions Procedures | St. Lawrence University Education

Admissions Procedures

For all new applicants, please submit the following.  Applications will be reviewed after the August 1st deadline.

Requirements for Matriculating Students:

  1. The completed online Graduate Program Application.
  2. $50 application fee. Online payments may be made here (Fee is waived for employees of the University.)
  3. ​​​A three-part Statement of Purpose, four pages maximum, answering the following questions:
    a.  Why do you wish to study leadership at a liberal arts university?
    b.  What preliminary Master's thesis or project do you have in mind? Or, considering the program requirements and course offerings, what are you most passionate about studying at St. Lawrence?
    c.  Describe the most transformative leadership experience you have had in your life. How did it change you and your motivations for continuing with leadership graduate study or a related career in leadership? (May be submitted through the online application.)
  4. An up-to-date resumé or C.V. (May be submitted through the online application.)
  5. An official transcript (verifying the minimum of a bachelor's degree) from an accredited institution. An undergraduate 3.0 GPA is required for full admittance; however, provisional admittance may be considered for applicants that demonstrate academic promise.
  • At this time options for electronic transcripts (ex. e-Script, Parchment) from your graduating institution should be elected. 
  • If electronic transcripts are not an option, mail official transcripts to: Graduate Admissions, c/o Erin Basford, 741 County Rte 44, Chase Mills, NY 13621.
  1. Two current letters of recommendation attesting to your aptitude for graduate study. (May be submitted through the online application.)
  2. A cover letter introducing your interests and fit for the program (optional)
  3. A sample of research or academic writing (optional).
  4. GRE exam results (optional).
  5. Results of the TOEFL test may be required for students whose first language is not English.
  6. You will be required to provide proof of MMR immunizations.  A meningococcal meningitis waiver must be completed if you have not received the MMV vaccination. Forms are available in the Office of Graduate Programs, Atwood Hall, Room 35.

Application Deadlines

June 1 – Priority Application Deadline and Early Decision for Fall semester

August 1 – Final Application Deadline for Matriculation, Fall semester

1st Day of Classes – Final Application Deadline for Non-Matriculation for that semester (note that at this late date, registration for some classes may be full)

January 1 – Final Application Deadline for Matriculation, Spring semester (only for previously non-matriculated students, no brand-new applicants are accepted mid-year, in keeping with our graduate cohort model)

All required application materials must be received by midnight on the deadline date. Any late applicants still wishing to take courses for the upcoming semester but having missed the official deadline for that semester, must complete the Procedures for Enrolling as a Non-Matriculated Student (below) instead. Partial or incomplete applications will not be submitted to the Graduate Admissions Committee for review.

Please note that previous affiliation with St. Lawrence University or university employee status does not guarantee admission or matriculation into the graduate program. The admissions process is selective.

All application materials must be submitted online or to our Graduate Admissions Specialist and Administrative Associate Erin Basford. Questions on admissions may also be directed here:

Office of Graduate Admissions
Atwood Hall, Room 35
(315) 229-5061 

Admissions Decisions

St. Lawrence University does not offer rolling admissions. As such, the Graduate Admissions Committee will only meet to review applications after each posted deadline. Decisions should be expected one to two weeks after each deadline. Selected students will then receive, by email, an official acceptance letter and a checklist of items to prepare for the upcoming semester, including matriculating and registering for classes (e.g., IT credentials, email address, mandatory Orientation date, and scheduling an advising meeting).

Procedures For Enrolling as a Non-Matriculated Student:

  1. Submit the online Non-Matriculation Application.
  2. Forward an official transcript to the Office of Graduate Programs.  In order to enroll in graduate coursework, we must be able to verify that the minimum of a bachelor's degree has been awarded. If you earned a degree at St. Lawrence  University, submit only an advising transcript of your coursework.
  3. Students enrolling in less than 6 credit hours (2 courses) will not be required to provide proof of immunization against Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR) and will not be required to submit a signed MMV waiver form. Students enrolling in 6 credit hours or more are required to provide proof of immunization against Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR) and will not be allowed to attend classes until the required documentation has been received. Health forms are available at

Students enrolling as a non-matriculated student may only register for up to (4) courses before they are required to matriculate into a program of study. Graduate Assistants are only permitted to take two (2) classes for free rather than the usual three (3) courses per semester as a non-matriculant. Research Assistants must be matriculated in order to receive scholarship tuition benefits.

Non-matriculated students are not assigned an advisor (as they are not yet an official “student” in the graduate program, so please be aware that this option is only recommended for self-directed individuals.

Information for Foreign Students

Each foreign student must have a completed Certificate of Eligibility (Form I-20) in order to study at the University. Upon the student's admission to the graduate program, the department of education will forward copies of the completed application and the letter of admission to the University's office of international and intercultural education.  It is the student’s responsibility to work with that office to complete the following documents:

  • copy of a completed application
  • copy of an acceptance letter
  • copy of Certificate of Finances
  • copy of any financial aid award (if applicable)

Upon receipt of these documents, the University’s office of international and intercultural education will complete the Certificate of Eligibility (Form I-20) and send it to the student.