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A liberal arts study of education reveals the pervasiveness of questions of learning in our lives, big questions like: How do humans learn? How do we share knowledge? What is the value of knowledge, and what knowledge is valuable? Why teach?

Education pursues these and other questions through the study of curriculum and instruction, local and international policy, foundations of education, pedagogy and andragogy, classroom environment design, and socio-cultural considerations. As an academic field, education explores best practices in teaching by tracing the history of ideas and goals of education, the time-honored lessons in successes and failures, combined with analysis of modern empirical research.

The Department of Education at St. Lawrence University is unique for a liberal arts college in that it houses both undergraduate and graduate programs in education. Information on each level of study can be found here. The faculty and staff of the Department of Education welcomes you. We look forward to sharing our passion for this subject and humanistic inquiry with each student learner.


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