Economics Minor

A minor in economics consists of at least six courses in economics including Economics 100, 200, 251 and 252. Minors must maintain a grade point average in economics of at least 2.0. Accounting 203 and 204 as well as Economics 108 and 115 do not count toward the economics minor. Minors may substitute an additional economics elective for Economics 200 if they take any of the following: STAT 113, or 213, MATH 325 or 326 or Psychology 205.

How to declare this minor:

  1. QUALIFY. You must have a 2.0 cum in economics.
  2. INTERVIEW. You need to schedule an appointment with the chair of the department of economics, or any other economics faculty member, to discuss your academic plans.
  3. TRANSCRIPT. When meeting with an economics faculty member bring a copy of your academic transcript (download from APR.2).
  4. CONTRACTS. Also bring to the meeting two copies of the contract. Please visit the Economic Department Sakai website for the contract.