Economics | St. Lawrence University


The economics curriculum is designed to familiarize the student with economic theory and “the economic way of thinking,” to provide knowledge about economic institutions, to foster the development of skills in applying economic analysis to contemporary issues, and to create a foundation for critical thinking, problem-solving, and intelligent, engaged citizenship. The major provides students with knowledge and skills necessary to help solve today’s most challenging social and economic problems at a local, regional or global scale.

A major in economics opens up a wide range of career opportunities: from jobs in banking, finance, real estate, consulting, and insurance, to teaching, to entrepreneurial work in business or the non-profit sector.  It also provides great preparation for law school or MBA or public policy graduate programs. Fields such as investment, finance and banking are dotted with St. Lawrence alumni, who in the true Laurentian spirit, love working with our students, often leading to  opportunities after graduation. A unique off-campus study program, the New York City Semester, also offers additional hands-on learning experiences that is especially valuable for economics majors.