2014 Career Connections Boot Camp Outcomes | St. Lawrence University Career Connections

2014 Career Connections Boot Camp Outcomes

Executive Summary of Student Outcomes


Students offered a variety of comments on the value of the program as it related to their specific industry interests and career preparation needs.  However, there were a number of recurring themes that surfaced in their comments and reactions.  After participating in the program, students reported:

  • Being inspired by hearing from St. Lawrence University alumni about their career arcs
  • Feeling more knowledgeable and more prepared to engage in the internship/job search 
  • Significant value in hearing directly from panelists about how to interview
  • Greater understanding of the importance of getting internship experience while in college
  • Contact with panelists led to improvement in networking understanding and skills 

Boot Camp by the Numbers:

  • 113 Sophomores registered (~20% of the class); 30 alumni/parent industry panelists
  • 11 career skills workshops by Career Services (resume/cover letter, networking, finding internships, interviewing)
  • 8 industry panels: business, communications, education, entrepreneurship, environment, finance, gov’t/law, health/medicine
    (top 3 by student interest: business, entrepreneurship, communications)
  • 2 sessions by SLU staff on research, special academic programs and other campus experiential learning opportunities
  • 1 Alumni panel on interviewing from employer’s perspective
  • Networking Reception for panelists & students

Student assessment of their knowledge and understanding of career skills and topics BEFORE/AFTER Career Boot Camp:

                                              KNOWLEDGE BEFORE                        KNOWLEDGE AFTER

 Career Topic/Skill              Great Deal       Fair Amount                Great deal       Fair Amount

Writing an effective                2.7%                26.0%                          30.1%              60.3%  
resume and cover letter

Interview questions,               5.5%                23.3%                          49.3%              45.2%   
techniques, and protocols

Identifying internship             4.1%                19.2%                          48.6%              43.1%   

Networking protocols and      6.8%                19.2%                          43.8%              47.9%             

Talents and experiences        5.5%                23.3%                          52.1%              41.1%  
employers value in candidates

The communication skills      8.3%                16.7%                          47.9%              45.2%
employers value

Internship Credit Options      5.6%                 6.9%                           27.8%              43.1%  

Additional Student Reactions:

  • 88% of students agreed/strongly agreed that the alumni interview panel was useful in learning how to present themselves
  • 78-84% agreed/strongly agreed that workshops and presentations developed skill/awareness of opportunities
  • 90% would recommend program to classmates (70% outcomes survey response rate)