Biochemistry Major Requirements | St. Lawrence University Biochemistry

Biochemistry Major Requirements

Biochemistry majors must complete the following courses:

In Biochemistry:

Biochemistry (BIOCH 309)
Research Methods in Biochemistry (BIOCH 394)
Research Methods in Molecular Biology (BIOCH 395)
Advanced Biochemistry (BIOCH 415)
Senior Research Experience - SYE (1 Unit BIOCH 489 and/or 490)
Depending on the faculty mentor SYE projects will follow either chemistry or biology department guidelines.

In Biology:

General Biology (BIOL 101 and 102)
Genetics (BIOL 245 or 246)
Introduction to Cell Biology (BIOL 250)

In Chemistry:

General Chemistry (CHEM 103 and 104)
Organic Chemistry (CHEM 221 and 222)
Thermodynamics and Kinetics (CHEM 342)

In Mathematics:

Calculus I (MATH 135)
Calculus II (MATH 136)

In Physics:

College Physics (PHYS 103 and 104) or
University Physics (PHYS 151 and 152)

Honors in Biochemistry:

To graduate with honors in biochemistry, students must have a biochemistry GPA (including all required courses for the major) of 3.5. Students working toward graduating with honors normally take Biochemistry 489 in the fall semester and Biochemistry 499 in the spring semester.  Honors projects must follow either biology or chemistry guidelines.

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