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About Our Program

Your unique leadership style can inspire others and create positive change. We’ll give you the tools and perspectives you’ll need to solve problems and better communicate your unique ideas while empowering others to be their best, too.

Program Offerings

  • Master's


Learning Experiences to Prepare for Your Career

Our program emphasizes personalized mentoring and curriculum that puts your professional and personal goals at the center. We’ll empower you to understand the complexities of today’s most pressing issues, make decisions that draw on multiple perspectives, and better communicate your original solutions.

Why earn a graduate degree in leadership from a liberal arts school?

Three words: flexibility, personalization, and depth. 

Our flexible curriculum will cover the material you need to know while allowing you the ability to choose courses that interest you on a schedule that works for you. 

As you design a path that reflects your personal and professional interests, you’ll work closely with faculty mentors who understand and invest in your goals. You’ll also become an integral member of our community as you build working relationships with faculty, staff, and peers through graduate assistant coaching and research assistantship opportunities. 

Lastly, our liberal arts approach to graduate-level curriculum empowers you to understand leadership broadly and deeply. You’ll further hone your critical thinking and analysis skills as you study history, apply theory, contemplate real-world issues, and pose innovative solutions.

Graduate Assistant Coaching

If you were an athlete as an undergraduate, you can seek assistant coaching opportunities in Athletics and combine your love of your sport to your passion for leading others to success.

Research Assistantships 

Students in our program are also employed as scholarship-based research assistants at work on various projects across campus.

As you design your own academic path and explore your interests, choose from courses like: 

  • Leadership and Mental Health
  • Sports and Legal Concepts
  • Great Books in Leadership
  • Student-Athlete Wellness and Development

Instead of training you for a specific role, we’ll empower you to carve out your own path and leadership style. As a result, you’ll be well-equipped to take on a variety of roles, including: 

  • Student life or residence life director at a college, university, or private high school
  • Sports administrator or athletics director
  • College or high school coach
  • Nonprofit organizer 
  • Outdoor programming director
  • K-12 teacher
  • Graduate school or Ph.D in a variety of fields

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