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About Our Program

We see creative writing and the study of literature as closely tied together, which means you’ll explore coursework in each as you carve out your focus in one track. Literary studies coursework ranges from traditional to cutting edgefrom Elizabethan drama to literature of the borderlands. In your creative writing courses, you’ll find your unique voice as you craft works of fiction, personal essays, and poetry while sharing your perspectives and understanding others.

You’ll gain the critical abilities you need to evaluate sources, make informed arguments, and communicate clearlyskills that stand out in today’s job market. You’ll also have ample support to publish your work, conduct graduate-level research, and connect with working writers making a mark in their fields.

Program Offerings

  • Major
  • Minor


Learning Experiences to Prepare for Your Career

Discover your passions, refine your written voice, and hone your communication skills through experiences on and off campus. Turn the questions you investigate in your courses into a research fellowship, an honors thesis, and even a fully-formed portfolio for graduate school applications.

The Writers Series

Several times a year, our department invites writers producing some of today’s most innovative works across mediums and genres to visit classrooms and perform a reading for the community. You’ll have opportunities to ask them questions, make connections, and expand your network.

Tanner Fellowship

Tanner Fellowships fund adventurous research experiences, and the possibilities are as vast as your imagination. Quinn Bermingham ’22 used his to work on a musical score for a story he wrote in one of his classes.

Explore Research Opportunities

Honors Projects

Collaborate closely with a faculty mentor and dedicate a semester or an entire year to a question, issue, topic, or author that ignites your curiosity. It could even combine interests from other disciplines or off-campus experiences.

Past Internships

Learn by doing in a real-world environment. Our majors intern with a wide range of organizations, including: 

  • Pittsburgh Penguins
  • FleishmanHillard
  • Curley Company
  • Washington Monthly 
  • Central Park Conservancy
  • NCPR
  • U.S. Embassy in London

Get Career Ready


Gain a deeper appreciation of your coursework and the people and places that make up the fabric of the St. Lawrence community. These courses promote empathy while helping you understand your place in your new community. You could work at a local farm or anti-hunger organization while studying food systems in “A Literary Harvest” or learn alongside incarcerated individuals at the local prison while studying diverse cultural backgrounds in “Multi-Ethnic American Literature.”

Study Abroad

Choose from more than 30 semester-long programs offered in more than 20 international locations, including London, New Zealand, and Denmark.

The London Program

Immerse yourself in this vibrant global city while studying its rich tradition of literature and drama. Conclude your semester with a month-long work-study in an industry of interest, including print and digital media, publishing, communications, or theatre.

Off-Campus Study in the U.S. 

Other U.S-based off-campus study programs include a Liberal Arts in New York City experience, which includes an internship with a Manhattan-based business or nonprofit.

Explore Our Programs

Among the 150+ clubs and organizations at St. Lawrence, you’ll find many that involve writing, publishing, print and digital media. You’ll also have opportunities to connect what you learn and discuss in the classroom to the issues and organizations you care about.

  • The Hill News
  • The Laurentian Magazine 
  • Irving Bacheller Society 
  • Creative Writing Club
  • Film Club
  • The Gridiron
  • The Underground Journal
  • Carefree Black Girls 
  • Literacy for Nepal
  • Nature Up North 
  • KSLU
  • Planned Parenthood Generation Action
  • Reading Buddies
  • Thelomathesian Society
  • The Finer Things Cheese and Turophile Society
  • Weave News
  • WORD Studio

Why St. Lawrence for English


of English majors are employed or enrolled in graduate schools less than a year after graduation.


The number of professional writers you could meet on campus each year who visit as part of the Writers Series.


Our founding year and the year the oldest building on campus and home of the English department, Richardson Hall, was erected.

Group of students sitting by fountain in London

London Calling

Many English majors study off campus in places like London and use their experience to enrich their understanding of diverse literary traditions.

Environmental Studies Combined Major

Your love for the natural world can guide your creative writing or literary studies with a popular English-Environmental Studies combined major.

Recent Graduate School Program Placements

  • Brown University
  • University of Oregon
  • Wichita State University
  • Northwestern School of Journalism
  • Indiana University
  • Boston College

Recent Employment Opportunities

  • American Public Media
  • Teach For America
  • Universal McCann
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Thomson Reuters
  • Conservation International
  • AmeriCorps
  • Planned Parenthood

More Program Information

Program Requirements & Courses

Explore English major requirements for both the literary studies and creative writing tracks, as well as electives and combined study options.

Complementary and Related Programs

We offer an environmental studies combined major, which allows you to pair your passion for literature and writing with another area of study.

Faculty member and student working outside

Compassionate Faculty, Lifelong Mentors

Your faculty get to know your personal interests and academic passions so they can help you bring them to life in your writing and your research.

Class in the woods

Unexpected Course Topics

Explore the world of J.R.R. Tolkien, the meaning of wilderness in literature, representations of gender in Shakespearean drama, and contemporary narratives from the LGBTQ+ community. Understand literary traditions and the voices reinventing them today.

Student on mountain

Walking and Talking

While hiking the Appalachian Trail, English minor Ryan Schlosser ’21  chronicled his experiences and connections with fellow hikers in a podcast that’s both a time capsule of his adventure and its moment in history.

Ana Maria Spagna

Viebranz Visiting Professors

Emerging screenwriters. Established poets. Prominent memoirists. Every year, the English department invites a distinguished professional writer to teach and mentor students. During the 2020-21 year, we welcomed author Ana Maria Spagna.

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