Shinu Anna Abraham

Associate Professor Anthropology Department
Shinu Abraham

Dr. Shinu Anna Abraham (Associate Professor, Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania) is an archaeologist specializing in ancient Indian Ocean trade and its impact on the emergence of social complexity in early south India. She has done archaeological fieldwork in Egypt, Israel, India, and the US. Dr. Abraham has two ongoing research projects: the systematic survey of iron and glass production in Southern Andhra Pradesh, India, and the investigation south India glass beads to reconstruct both Indian Ocean exchange patterns and ancient south Indian craft production processes. She is also interested in the archaeology of craft/technology, state formation, and archaeological theory. Dr. Abraham teaches Introduction to Archaeology as well as courses on ancient civilization, archaeology and identity, and archaeological method and theory. As senior editor, Dr. Abraham recently published Connections and Complexity: New Approaches to the Archaeology of South and Central Asia, by Left Coast Press in 2013. She was also co-editor of the special edition of the journal Archeological Research in Asia on Indian Ocean bead trade.

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