Ways to Get Engaged at St. Lawrence University

1)      Volunteer (ideally over time, with time set aside for reflection)

2)      Community-Based Learning

3)      Internships

4)      Study Abroad

5)      Join a Living-Learning Community

6)      Take a skills-intensive course (writing, speaking, quantitative, learning a language, lab work, exploring ethical questions, etc.)

7)      Seek out hands-on, interactive, and immersive learning opportunities

8)      Do a capstone project or senior thesis

9)      Conduct research with a faculty member

10)   Join or become a leader in a student organization

11)   Engage in reflection over time with your academic advisor and make a plan

12)   Join an athletic team (but don’t limit yourself to this)

13)   Develop a plan with Career Services or Connections

14)   Find work opportunities that relate back to your coursework

15)   Take a stand---find ways to work towards your personal and political beliefs

16)   Take your classes seriously

a)       Plan for thoughtful participation

b)       Take and develop your notes

c)       Annotate texts (mark up your readings!)

d)       Engage in retrieval practice (pre-testing and recall activities)

e)       Go to Class! And pay attention

f)        Get assistance when you need it (Peer Tutors; Academic Advising and Support; PQRC; WORD Studio; reference librarians, language labs, Science Writing Center, faculty office hours)

g)       Do your work in a process-based fashion (step-by-step; not at the last minute; cite carefully; ask questions; revise; be open to feedback)

h)      In some fields, it may make sense to develop a portfolio of scholarly or creative work that you collect and develop over time

i)       Take care of yourself and embrace wellness so you are capable of doing your best work