Information for First Year Students

Coordinator/Dept. Chair: Prof. Kathleen Self

Phone: 315.229.5347

Campus Address: 211 Richardson Hall


REL 100: Mystery and Meaning (HUM) introduces students to the academic study of religion and surveys major themes in one or two selected religious traditions. This course is designed with first-years in mind. Different sections have different religions and approaches that they cover, so students may want to contact the faculty teaching the course to find out more.

Many of the department's 20o-level courses are also appropriate for first-years. They don't have pre-requisites, and they don't require any background knowledge about a religion or culture.  These courses often fulfill a graduation requirement, such as the Humanities (HU), Arts (ARTS), or Diversity (DIV13) requirements.

For Fall 2021, first-year could take REL 282 Love and War in Hindu Myth: The Ramayana, REL 226 The Religious Life of Japan, REL 221 Religions of South Asia, REL 218 Fantasy Religion (on Japanese anime), REL 100 Mystery and Meaning, or one of our other 200-level courses.