Memories of Doni Peters

Doni was a staple in the SLU mailroom for as long as I can remember. Everyone who knew her adored her. She could brighten even the dullest day with her quick wit and sense of humor. She will surely be missed. My deepest condolences to Doni's family.
Erin Basford, Education

I always enjoyed Doni's presence at the Lunch Bunch, which was a congenial group of women from the University and others who ate lunch and chatted in one of the special dining rooms at Lee Hall.  She was always friendly to me and had a lot of spunk.  She never looked her age and was kind to everyone.

I had the pleasure of supporting Doni with technology in the student mailroom. When Doni was at SLU, the student mailroom was in the Noble Center, lower level. This is where our student center was at the time so the building was very busy and full of students!  Doni loved the students and they loved her, she knew the names and box numbers for nearly every one of them.  She was cheerful and funny with a huge heart.  My condolences to her family, she will be missed.
Rene Thatcher, Information Technology

Doni was the best!!! Who else could make going down in the basement of a building so much fun to get your mail as a student. You would have to come prepared to match her wit each day when you did. She loved the students. It was always one of the "prize" student jobs to be able to work in the mailroom with Doni.  Her involvement with SLU hockey was one we will always cherish. She opened her house to all of us as if it were our own. Many generations of hockey players and parents have had a good laugh with Doni and we will continue to smile each time we think of her!!!
Chris Wells, 1992 Athletics

Before the mailroom was in the Noble Center, Doni was in Sykes. She was like a mother to all the first-years -- knew us all and watched over us. Occasionally dispensing wisdom, but always caring. Years later, she even recognized me at a hockey game. Great lady. She will be missed.
Tom French '85

I also remember Doni Peters from the mailroom in Sykes.  She was always steady and reassuring for us first-years. My senior year, I worked in the new mailroom in the Noble Center and got to know her better.  She was a tremendous boss and a real credit to SLU. What a first class human being she was. Jason Duncan '85