Weave News

Weave News is a unique independent media project grounded in the work of the Global Studies Department. Established in 2007, its mission is to weave the world together by investigating underreported stories, highlighting alternative perspectives, and promoting grassroots media-making and critical media literacy. The project brings together SLU students, alumni, faculty and staff as well as other individuals who share its commitment to grassroots journalism for social justice. In addition to offering coverage of underreported stories through traditional journalistic writing, Weave News publishes audio, video, and social media content.

Students who join the Weave News organization learn valuable skills related to research and writing, organizational development, fundraising, public relations, video production, public speaking, social media, and other areas that are central to success in a variety of 21st-century career paths. 

As part of their work as independent journalists, Weave News staffers also contribute to the leadership of SLU's Global Dialogue Center, organize campus and community events, provide coverage of stories taking place around the world while engaging in independent research and off-campus study, and attend major national gatherings devoted to media literacy and activism.

If you are interested in making a donation to support the work of Weave News, please visit the project's donation page.  Thank you!

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