European Studies Minor Requirements

  1. Introduction to European Studies.

One course from the list below. The course should focus on the country of interest, or Europe in general: students who study on a European program may waive this requirement.

Art & Art History:

  • EUR 203: Art of the Northern Renaissance
  • EUR 202: Art of the Italian Renaissance
  • EUR 204: Baroque and Rococo Art
  • EUR 206: Art of the Middle Ages
  • EUR 207: 19th Century European Art


  • EUR 109: Introduction to European Studies

World Languages:

  • EUR/FR.202: Contemporary France 
  • EUR 3008: New German Cinema
  • EUR-3016: European Cinema
  • EUR: 3042: French Comedy 


  • EUR 360: Public Sphere of Renaissance Venice


  • GOVT 4100: European Union in Action
  • GOVT 4083: Politics of the European Union


  • ENG 225: Survey of British Literature, Beginnings to 1700
  • ENG 226: Survey of British Literature, 1700 to the Present
  • ENG 316: Medieval Drama


  • EUR-3017: Stoic Masculinity
  1. Elective Courses.

Four courses.

Any dual-listed course in European Studies and most courses taken abroad may count towards the minor. The language course taken abroad can only be counted once (either as an elective for requirement II or as requirement III). Students are therefore encouraged to take a language course in an European language before going abroad. Questions should be directed to the program coordinator Many courses taught on St. Lawrence’s European study programs are included. Consult the program website or the coordinator for a current list of these courses. To ensure breadth, students may count no more than two courses from a single department or program for the minor. Frequently, special topics courses offered in various departments may count as program electives. Students should consult the coordinator about the appropriateness of courses not listed in the current Catalog.

  1. Language Study.

Students must have at least one semester of European language study other than English. This requirement may be filled in several ways, including but not limited to:

  1. Completion of a one-semester language course at the appropriate level offered at St.  Lawrence or another college or university.

Completion of a language course on a continental study abroad program.