Radiation Spill Procedure

Spill Procedure

These procedures must be posted as required by Section 16.13 (b), New York State Sanitary Code (10 NYCRR 16).

In that this license only permits the receipt and use of low level radioactive materials (not exceeding 10 mCi), all spills will be considered "minor" spills. The following procedures will apply:


Minor Spills:

NOTIFY: Notify persons in the area that a spill has occurred.

PREVENT THE SPREAD: Cover the spill with absorbent paper.

CLEAN UP: Use disposable gloves and remote handling tongs (when necessary). Carefully fold the absorbent paper and pad. Insert into a plastic bag and dispose of in the radioactive waste container. Also insert into the plastic bag all other contaminated materials such as contaminated gloves.

SURVEY: With a low-range thin-window GM survey meter, check the area around the spill, hands, and clothing for contamination.

REPORT: Report the incident to the Radiation Safety Officer.

BIOASSAYS: Bioassays will be performed in the event of an accident involving the ingestion, inhalation or surface contact of radioactive material. Assays will usually include blood/urine samples and with exposure to carbon, hair samples. All accidents requiring bioassays will be reported promptly to the NY State Department of Health, Bureau of Environmental Radiation Protection.

The Radiation Safety Officer will supervise the clean-up of the spill and will complete a report.