Commencement 2018 Recap

A total of 537 degrees will be awarded at today’s ceremony. There are 517 candidates for bachelor’s degrees, of which 14 are candidates for summa cum laude; 14 candidates for master of education degrees; five (5) candidates for a master of science in mental health counseling; and two (2) Certificates of Advances Studies in Education.

The five most popular majors this year are, in descending order:

  • Economics
  • Business in the Liberal Arts
  • Psychology
  • Performance and Communication Arts
  • Government

The senior with the highest cumulative grade-point average over four full years of study at St. Lawrence is Isaac Lewis of Windsor, Ontario, Canada. His GPA is 3.98462 out of a possible 4.0. He majored in Economics and Business in the Liberal Arts.

Summa Cum Laude

  • Danielle Couture, of Essex Junction, Vermont
  • Victoria Friend, of Redondo Beach, California
  • Amanda Gellis, of Jupiter, Florida
  • Emma Greenough, of Meriden, New Hampshire
  • Tyler Guido, of Galway, New York
  • Sarah Heywood, of St. Albans, Vermont
  • Corinne Jacobsen, of Westford, Vermont
  • Megan Kellogg, of Queensbury, New York
  • Kaelyn Kohlasch, of Williston, Vermont
  • Eliza Koso, of Lexington, Massachusetts
  • Isaac Lewis, of Windsor, Ontario, Canada
  • Joowon Ma, of South Pasadena, California
  • Yue Yang, of Chongqing, China
  • Yuxi Zhang, of Lanzhou, China

Degrees Presented by Family Members

* It is a tradition at St. Lawrence for graduates to have the option of receiving their degree from family members associated with the University. Several of today’s candidates will receive degrees from relatives:

  • Shannon L. Richardson, presented by Shannon's spouse, Jamie Richardson, Information Technology
  • Allison Paige Mousaw, presented by Allison's mother, Debra Mousaw, Human Resources
  • Anna Nash Carpenter, presented by Trustee Nicoline Sawabini ’79, P’15
  • Scott J. Wight, presented by Scott's mother, Thadine Wight, International and Intercultural Studies
  • Kathryn M. Corbitt, presented by Kathryn's father, Tim Corbitt, Counseling Services
  • Haley M. Clark, presented by her step-father, Chad Tessier, University Avancement
  • Ndirangu Warugongo Jr., presented by Ndirangu's mother, Wairimu Ndirangu, Kenya program
  • Gabriel Emmett Thomas, presented by Gabriel's mother, Alice David, University Advancement
  • Emma J. Visser, presented by Emma's mother, Eileen Visser, Biology.
  • Catherine Emily O'Connell, presented by Trustee-elect Scott O'Connell
  • Katelyn S. Bates, presented by Katelyn's father, Bill Bascom, Athletics
  • McKenzie LaVina Rose Deno, presented by McKenzie's father, Gerald Deno, Facilities Operations
  • Emily R. Hurlbut, presented by Emily's father, Mike Hurlbut, Athletics


  • Lukas A. Harvey ’18, of Castleton, Vermont, majoring in geology and government


  • Jeanmary Aray-Freites, Field Artillery Officer, Fort Still, Oklahoma
  • Jake Groskoph, Field Artillery Officer, Fort Still, Oklahoma


President William L. Fox '75
Sarah Heywood '18
Grace King '18 and Loren Walden '18
Haruyoshi "Yoshi" Udagawa '74
Melanie Smeallie Mbuyi '77
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