Scholarship of Teaching

To encourage the scholarship of teaching, we are offering small grants to faculty interested in creating content for our blog, Cultivating Purpose.

St. Lawrence has a wonderful mission statement that too few students and faculty know. At the heart of the mission is the promise that our students will receive an inspiring and demanding education because they’ve been selected for their seriousness of purpose and their promise.

To develop the scholarship of teaching at SLU, CITA will offer $300 grants to faculty who want to reflect on our mission. Some directions these reflections may take are: What does it mean to provide an inspiring and demanding education in our time? What does it mean to cultivate seriousness of purpose in our students? How can we teach with purpose? Faculty are encouraged to connect these questions to their disciplines, to SLU’s D&I initiatives, to the mental health crisis, but you are invited to think expansively and personally.

End products can include blog posts, podcasts, videos. Faculty will propose a project that describes scholarship they plan to consult to complete their project. CITA will provide feedback on proposals and final products. For questions, email Jeff Frank. A meeting to discuss this grant program will be held in fall 2022. Faculty will also be given support if they are interested in developing these projects into conference presentations or for scholarly and other outlets.