African American Studies Minor Requirements

The minor consists of five courses from at least two different disciplines.  Students may also count 3000- and 4000-level special topics and First-Year Seminar courses on African-American studies towards completion of the minor. Courses for the minor may be drawn from the following:

Art and Art History

211.        African-American Art and Visual Culture.


230.        Introduction to African-American Literature.

Global Studies

102.        Introduction to Global Studies II: Race, Culture, Identity.

204.        Intergroup Dialogue


207.        Civil War and Reconstruction

256.        Slavery and Freedom in the Americas.

263.        African-American History to 1865.

264.        African-American History, 1865-present.

272.        The New South.

273.        Civil Rights Movement.

280.        History of Women in America.

331.        Imagining the South.

340.        Race, Ethnicity and Baseball.


232.        Africana Philosophy.


112.        Inequality.

228.        Race and Ethnicity.

310.        Slavery, Race and Culture.

Minors are also encouraged to participate in St.-Lawrence’s off-campus program at Fisk -University, a historically Black college in -Nashville, Tennessee. Semester and short-term options are available at Fisk.