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Environmental Studies Prof.’s Op-Ed Featured in ‘USA TODAY’

Associate Professor of Environmental Studies David Murphy recently penned an op-ed that was published by USA TODAY about Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ announcement that he’ll give $10 billion to help fight climate change.

In the op-ed, Murphy writes, “Desecrating the earth while claiming to save it won't cut it. If Bezos truly wants to join the climate change revolution, he could begin with the public recognition that Amazon’s corporate model is inherently unsustainable.”

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Over the course of his career, Murphy has researched the intersection of energy, the environment, and economics. He often teaches Introduction to Environmental Studies, Energy and the Environment, Energy Life Cycle Analysis, and a number of other courses on energy and economics. He is the author of “Renewable Energy in the 21st Century”, the only textbook to teach students about renewable energy from the perspective of the energy transition.

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