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Albany Times Union Prints Op-Ed by Environmental Studies Prof

Associate Professor of Environmental Studies David Murphy recently wrote an op-ed that was published by the Albany Times Union about the struggle to move towards renewable energy options in the North Country.

In the op-ed, Murphy refers to the controversy that stemmed from an attempt to establish a wind farm in the towns of Parishville and Hopkinton. Proponents of the plan applauded the influx of money into the small communities, while those opposed to it worried about the impact the towers would have on the landscape, and also voiced concerns that the actual benefit of low-cost, renewable energy would be sent downstate.

Murphy argues that more transparency about the financial aspects of proposed projects such as this will help localities to make better, more well-informed decisions.

"If a project does well, so should the local landowners. Transparency assures communities that everyone is being treated equally and fairly," says Murphy in the piece.

Murphy also refers to New York State's aggressive renewable energy plans, which will require many more conversations like what happened in Parishville and Hopkinton. He points towards the experiences that Denmark, a world leader in wind power, has had to help inform our decisions. Murphy led St. Lawrence students on a summer study abroad trip to Denmark in 2019.

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Over the course of his career, Murphy has researched the intersection of energy, the environment, and economics. He often teaches Introduction to Environmental Studies, Energy and the Environment, Energy Life Cycle Analysis, and a number of other courses on energy and economics. He is the author of “Renewable Energy in the 21st Century”, the only textbook to teach students about renewable energy from the perspective of the energy transition.

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