Step One: How to Register for Your FYP Course

You will be placed in your First-Year Program (FYP) course based on the choices you provide on the FYP College Preference FormThis form must be submitted by May 30, 2018.

  • Read carefully all of the Fall 2018 First Year (FYP) Course Descriptions. The descriptions provide information about specific details of the course and other important information such as required field trips, outdoor activities, and community civic engagement.

  • Select between six to eight choices and/or choose up to six themes from among the FYP courses offered that you are interested in. To help us with your FYP course placement we encourage you to use the textbox at the end of the First-Year College Preference form to provide us with some detail about the FYP course choices and themes that you made on the form. Base your choices on thoughtful consideration and a careful reading of the descriptions. We will do our best to place you into one of those choices. Please double check your selections carefully before submitting your form online. If you have questions about any of the FYP courses, feel free to email; we would be happy to answer any questions that you have.

  • Submit all required forms on the Forms Checklist page by no later than May 30th. If you have submitted your forms no later than the deadline, you can expect notification of your FYP placement, advisor assignment, and housing by no later than mid-July via your SLU email.

Please be sure that St. Lawrence always has your most current mailing address. Using your SLU e-mail account, please e-mail FYP with your full name and any changes in contact information.

If you have any questions about this step in the process, you should contact the First-Year Program office (315-229-5909) or email FYP.