Accelerated MBA Program with Union Graduate College | St. Lawrence University Masters of Business Combined Programs

Accelerated MBA Program with Union Graduate College

St. Lawrence University and Union Graduate College have established an agreement which allows qualified St. Lawrence University students who have earned a Bachelor’s degree to accelerate their progress through the Union MBA program. Students may plan their undergraduate program to include courses that serve as a foundation for graduate study at Union. As a result, students may complete the Union MBA in about one year.

Applicants should demonstrate an overall strong potential for success in graduate business study based on their GMAT scores and their undergraduate academic performance. Other aspects of the agreement include:

  • Only those courses in which a student earns a B- (2.75) or better will qualify towards waiver credit.
  • Regular admission applicants must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and a minimum GMAT score of 500.
  • St. Lawrence students with a GPA of 3.5 or above may waive the GMAT for admission. However, GMAT scores are required for students wishing to be considered for merit scholarships.
  • Upon completion of the junior year, students may be granted early admission if they have achieved a GPA of 3.4 or above and a GMAT score of 600 or above.
  • Courses are eligible for waiver for a period of up to 5 years from the time of graduation from St. Lawrence.

Advising of students in this agreement will be undertaken by faculty members of St Lawrence University and Union's School of Management, working on a collaborative basis.

Union Graduate College Foundation Requirements and SLU Course Equivalents

MBA 510 Financial Accounting and MBA 512 Managerial Accounting
      SLU Equivalents:  ACCT 203 Financial Accounting and ACCT 204 Managerial Accounting and
                                    ECON 313 Financial Economics

MBA 520 Principles of Economics
      SLU Equivalents:  ECON 100 Introduction to Economics and ECON 251 Intermediate Microeconomics or
                                   ECON 252 Intermediate Macroeconomics

MBA 501 Mathematics of Management (1/2 course)
      SLU Equivalent:   MATH 125 Calculus I

MATH 502 Probability & Statistics
      SLU Equivalent:   STAT 113 Applied Statistics or ECON 200 Quantitative Methods

MBA 506 Statistical Modeling in Management
      SLU Equivalents: ECON 342 Econometrics and ECON/MATH 343 Time Series Analysis  or
                                  STAT 213 Applied Regression Analysis

MBA 551 Managing People in Teams
      SLU Equivalents: Students select 2 out of 3 of the following courses:
                                         PSCH 313 Industrial Psychology
                                         OS 286** Organizational Behavior
                                         OS 352**Strategic Human Resources

MBA 525 Principles of Marketing
      SLU Equivalents: MK 320** Principles of Marketing and one upper-level marketing course at Clarkson that
                                   lists MK 320** as a prerequisite

**Cross registration at Clarkson University