Accelerated MBA Program with Rochester Institute of Technology

St. Lawrence University and Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) College of Business have established an agreement which allows qualified St. Lawrence University students who have earned a Bachelor’s degree to accelerate their progress through the Rochester Institute of Technology College of Business MBA program. Waiver of selected MBA common body of knowledge courses is granted based upon completion of certain undergraduate courses. Students may be able to complete the MBA program in as few as four or five academic quarters.

Applicants should demonstrate an overall strong potential for success in graduate business study based on their GMAT scores and their undergraduate academic performance. Other aspects of the agreement include:

  • A maximum of 6 MBA foundation courses may be waived for a period of up to 5 years from the time the undergraduate course was completed.
  • Only those courses in which a student earns a B (3.0) or better will qualify towards waiver credit.
  • Students must submit an application for admission into the MBA program. Minimum GMAT scores and GPA, as specified by RIT, are required.
  • A waiver for the Statistical Analysis for Decision Making graduate course is contingent upon the student passing the statistics portion of the graduate math diagnostic test which is administered during graduate orientation. (**)

Advising of students in this agreement will be undertaken by faculty members of St Lawrence University and RIT College of Business, working on a collaborative basis.

RIT Foundation Requirements / SLU Course Equivalents

0101-703 Financial Accounting / ACCT 203 Financial Accounting and ACCT 204 Managerial Accounting0102-740 Organizational Behavior & Leadership / PSYC 313 Industrial/Organizational Psychology                                                                                    or                                                                                OS 266** Organizational Behavior I                                                                                   and                                                                                OS 352**  Strategic Human Resource Management0106-782 Statistical Analysis for Decision Making / ECON 342 Econometrics or STAT 213 Applied Statistics II0103-705 Economics for Managers / ECON 251 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory and                                                           ECON 252 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory0105-761 Marketing Concepts / MK 320** Marketing plus any one upper level marketing course that lists MK 320                                                                   as a prerequisite.0106-743 Operations Management / OM 331** Operations/Production Management0104-721 Financial Analysis for Managers / ECON 313 Financial Economics and ECON 311 Banking & Monetary Policies