Students and locals on top of a mountain in Kenya.

St. Lawrence Magazine
Summer 2022

Kenya: Tracing the Origins of a Remarkable 50-Year Partnership

The history of study abroad at St. Lawrence University often intersects with global historical events. From weathering the tense relations of the Cold War in Europe to the challenges of the colonial legacy in Africa, St. Lawrence’s global roots run deep. With 2,300 alumni and counting, the Kenya Program began less than a decade removed from the country’s hard-fought battle for independence, and our pioneering students occasionally had to navigate a new landscape of international relations outside the comfort of a Canton classroom.

Building Relationships

President Morris reflects on her summer 2022 visit to St. Lawrence University's Kenya Program and the importance of off-campus study.
Kathryn Morris, president

Tea Time

Building a sustainable family business with Kenyan connections.
Teal Borden ’22

Service Oriented

St. Lawrence Peace Corps Prep Certification Program expands on the Laurentian legacy of international service.
Deborah Dudley