Major Requirements | St. Lawrence University Global Studies

Major Requirements

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A printable document summarizing these requirements may be found at the bottom of this page.

I. Core Courses

101. Introduction to Global Studies I: Political Economy.

102. Introduction to Global Studies II: Race, Culture, Identity.

290. Global Studies Research Methods.

301. Theories of Global Political Economy.

302. Theories of Global Cultural Studies.

Two (2) Global Studies Electives with GS designation – one at the 200 level and one at the 300 – and should normally fit in with the student’s choice of concentration (below).

489, 490. SYE: Senior Project.

498, 499. SYE: Honors Project.

II. Choice of Concentrations.

Students have three tracks they can choose from to mold their concentration. These are:

  • comparative area studies: three courses in each of two geographic or cultural areas, plus at least one semester of a second language; or
  • one-area intense study: four courses in one geographic or cultural area and two semesters of a second language related to their area concentration; or
  • area-thematic study: three courses in one geographic or cultural area and three courses in one thematic area, plus at least one semester of a second language. 

Area studies available for students’ concentrations include:

  • African Studies
  • African-American Studies
  • Arabic Studies
  • Asian Studies
  • Canadian Studies
  • Caribbean and Latin American Studies
  • Chinese Studies
  • European Studies
  • Native American Studies
  • Other areas (e.g., Middle Eastern or Islamic Studies) with the approval of the department chair

Thematic programs and options  available for students' thematic concentrations include:

  • Business
  • Development
  • Environmental Studies
  • Gender and Sexuality Studies
  • Health
  • Media Communications
  • Migration
  • Peace Studies
  • Religious Studies
  • Social movements
  • Other thematic options (e.g., Security, Governance Legal studies, the Body, Art, Urban Studies, etc.) with the approval of the department chair