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Acadia National Park

On May 13-16th Kyle Marvinney ’11 and Professor Jeff Chiarenzelli led a small group intrepid of students to Acadia National Park.   Kyle, a resident of Maine, proposed and planned the trip as an alternative to part of senior week for interested geology students.  Although the weather was typically for the Maine coast this time of year with rain, fog, and bone chilling cold, the rocks were exquisite.  The group managed to see all the major intrusive, metasedimentary, and metavolcanic rocks on Mount Desert Island.  The group was particularly impressed by the exposure of the Shatter zone of the Cadillac Mountain granite.  Excellent examples of magma mixing, intrusive contacts, mafic dikes, and a host of glacial features were observed.   Participants included Kyle Marvinney, Bonnie Govoni, Tyler Harris, Alex Leich, and John Murphy. 

Acadia National Park 2011