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Geology is the intensive study of earth systems, the lithosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, and atmosphere.  It is a field-based science applied to questions related to the identification of the resources needed for modern civilization, environmental contamination/remediation, natural disasters, climatic change, and the history and evolution of the Earth and life.

Geology majors at St. Lawrence spend a sizable portion of their time in the field, both locally and on field trips to classic locations in the U.S. and abroad designed to supplement classroom instruction with real-world experience.  Graduates of our program travel far and wide and serve society and the profession in numerous ways including as part of the academic, government, and private sectors where they work as researchers, regulators, advisers/consultants, and academic professionals.  Dedicated alumni return to campus for the St. Lawrence University Geology Alumni Conference every third year to mentor students on graduate school and career opportunities.


Geology Prof. Emeritus Published in Academic Journal
Antun Husinec, professor of Geology, recently published a chapter in the book Patterns and Mechanisms of Climate, Paleoclimate and Paleoenvironmental...
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