Summer 2022 Course in Ireland: Information Session

- Student Center, Room 336

Each summer, St. Lawrence University offers an array of dynamic off-campus courses around the world.

Are you interested in studying in Ireland during Summer 2022? 

Join Professor Val Lehr at this upcoming Information Session to learn more about this exciting Summer 2022 course:

Place and Nationalisms in Ireland

Dates: June 6, 2022 – June 25, 2022

Course description: This program is comprised of two separate courses, "Memory and Place” and “Peace and Conflict in Northern Ireland”, which share some foundational readings in Irish history and geography.

The theoretical focus of 'Memory and Place' is on issues of popular memory, memorialization, and the formation and maintenance of national identity. Students read theoretical articles on popular memory, revisionist historiography, and geography as contexts for the stories they hear and the texts they read. This provides a background for the second course 'Peace and Conflict in Northern Ireland' where students learn how difference can be constructed and experienced among white, European, Christian people, people who by U.S. standards seem to be very similar. In turn this should reflect back upon the contingency of how race is constructed in the U.S. Students will learn also about the Northern Ireland Peace Process and how people from different communities are learning to work together across deep divisions to create a better society. Finally, students will be exposed to how history complicates contemporary political action, through exploring issues such as Brexit, abortion, gay rights, and education.

Information Session

Date: Wednesday, November 3rd

Time: 12:00PM

Location: Student Center, Room 336