2D Book Nook F23-S24

Exhibition: 2D Book Nook!


In the 2D Book Nook!, Liza L. L. Paige transforms a physical three-dimensional corner of the library into a two-dimensional illusion of a drawn reading room.

Rather than taking the traditional “look but don’t touch” approach to viewing 2D artworks, viewers are invited to become a part of the work by stepping into the drawing and interacting with the carefully designed props and merch.

Viewers (now participants) will be surrounded by the drawing as they become the focal point of the work. Purposely devoid of color, everything in the painted white installation is designed with simple black outlines, mimicking the look of a sketch on paper.

The artist writes, “You are welcome to wear the ‘drawn’ white and black sweatshirts and hats to add to the effect. Also, be sure to edit your photo at the end to increase brightness and eliminate shadows to heighten the 2D illusion.”

Viewers are encouraged to bring a friend to snap pictures as they pose within the 2D Book Nook! The finished work is captured through selfies or photographs of others. Participants are encouraged to post on social media with #2DBookNook!, #odylibrary, or #slulibraries.

The installation is free, open to the public, and wheelchair accessible.

Liza L. L. Paige received a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a minor in Pre-Creative Arts Therapy from SUNY Potsdam in 2012 and a Master of Fine Arts in Visual Studies from the University at Buffalo in 2014. She is currently the Arts Educator at the North Country Children’s Museum and teaches as an adjunct instructor in the studio arts at St. Lawrence University and Clarkson University. Liza is dedicated to presenting drawing as a fine art form. She has created community art projects including interactive installations and murals around northern New York.