A group of Saint Lawrence University students gather around artwork in the Brush Art Gallery. There is a vibrant red, yellow, and blue painting on the wall.

Poetry for Peace

- zoom

a remote poetry reading

Please join us via Zoom to read a poem you've written, a poem by a favorite poet, or just to listen to poems on a different theme. And tell your friends! Because we believe the empathetic community created by sharing ANY kind of poetry can lead to peace and social justice, we welcome all poems, not just those that touch directly on those themes. You are welcome to read poems in languages other than English, but you should provide an English translation as well. 

This reading takes place on Zoom.  Please use the passcode 844661, if it is needed.

The first Poetry for Peace was on January 28, 2003, at the Richard F. Brush Art Gallery. The event was coordinated by Dr. Marina Llorente from the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures and was the opening of the New York State Peace Conference held at SLU. An international poetry reading, 13 poems in 9 different languages (English, Italian, French, Spanish, Navajo, Arabic, Hebrew, Swahili and Vietnamese) were read by poets, students, professors, staff and members of the North Country community. The theme was the need for peace in the world, and every poem read acknowledged the unique revolutionary power of poetry.