Keeping Promises, Hannah Porath

AAH SYE Exhibition: what we hold

- Richard F. Brush Art Gallery


Holding is a part of the human experience. Whether it be memories, people, or ephemera, what or whom we choose to carry, literally or metaphorically, defines us as individuals. This exhibition is an ode to those things we can’t let go of, for better or worse. Each work of art invites the viewer to delve into the intricate layers of personhood, to reflect on the significance of what we chose to explore over this past semester.

The twelve of us came together as artists, delving into our own experiences – across different media and forms of creative expression. We reflected on the things we value and found that we are more connected than we had realized. We ask viewers to consider the significance of the objects and memories they themselves hold onto, and the subsequent impact on their lives. This exhibition provides a window into personal and communal experiences and explorations of holding. This is what we hold.


Featured Students:

Brianna Bachinski
Lydia Fedorowich
Kat Gallipo
Emily Giorgi
Caroline Keller
Natani Kent-Earle
Ileana Knight
Clarissa Grace Kurtaliaj
Grace Nelson
Hannah Porath
Alejandra Altamirano S.
Lola Thompson 


Image above: Hannah Porath, Keeping Promises, 2024, oil on carved panel