1856 Challenge April 10-11. Featuring A Fresh Alumni Collaboration

1856 Challenge: April 10 - 11

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General Event

The 1856 Challenge is St. Lawrence’s annual day of giving, led by alumni, family, friends, and students. Throughout its history St. Lawrence has been a springboard for careers, connections, companies, mentorships, and more. Your gift to the St. Lawrence Fund during the 1856 Challenge fuels our students’ ability to explore their creativity and passions to the fullest.

Join fellow Laurentians by making your 1856 Challenge gift today – you’ll give us momentum and it just may inspire the next Laurentian innovator, leader, or change-maker.

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Reaching our goals is a stout challenge and we need S 👏 L 👏 YOU! 👏

This year we celebrate our enterprising and entrepreneurial Laurentian spirit with a fresh alumni collaboration between St. Lawrence University and Weird Window Brewing, owned and operated by Jack ’11 and Emily Tulip Droppa ’09. Donors on April 10-11 can choose from a variety of incentives that feature two new beers from WWB: "1856 Lager" and "Scarlet and Brown Ale." This limited edition run of incentives includes shirts, hats, coasters, and more!  

Choose from a variety of incentives that feature this alumni collaboration...including hats, hoodies, stickers, coasters and more!

While shipping the brew is not an option, you can be among the first to try these Laurentian beers when you return to campus for Reunion Weekend 2024.

Please join the Laurentian Community in supporting St. Lawrence students today! Make your gift and follow the challenge at our 1856 Challenge Headquarters.