St. Lawrence University‚Äôs Environmental Health & Safety Office (EHS) is part of Campus Support Services.  We provide consulting services, training programs, and regulatory compliance support for all University community members.

The EHS office is located in the Warehouse, with the Chemical Hygiene/Environmental Compliance office in the Johnson Hall of Science.

University Commitment

St. Lawrence University asserts its commitment to the health and safety of its employees, students and the community in which we work, teach and live. As individuals, we are trained to work safely, respect others and avoid placing ourselves, our co-workers, our students, and the community at risk of harm. We communicate safety procedures and practices to our employees and students and encourage questions and improvements. At all levels, we respect the expertise and professionalism of every employee to devote attention and resources toward proactive, hazard-prevention Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) programs that are integrated into all aspects of our business.