Sophomore Career Boot Camp | St. Lawrence University Career Connections

Sophomore Career Boot Camp

As part of the University’s efforts to create a culture of earlier engagement and deliberate career planning, Career Connections coordinates a pre-semester series of workshops, programs and panels designed to give students an introduction to career fields, develop career management skills, as well as to hear from and network with successful alumni and parents from a variety of industries and organizations. 

Goals of the program include:

  • Assisting students to articulate career interests and integrate with course and major selection
  • Offering assistance in identifying appropriate career developmental experiences (internships, community-based learning, volunteerism, work-study)
  • Providing document training (resumes, cover letters, application statements)
  • Providing training and practice in critical areas related to self-presentation (e.g. networking and interviewing)
  • Introducing students to a variety of industries/fields and providing opportunities to network with alumni

Fall 2020 Virtual Career Boot Camp Presentations


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