Faculty Research Project: Dr. Evette Hornsby-Minor | St. Lawrence University African American Studies

Faculty Research Project: Dr. Evette Hornsby-Minor

Evette Hornsby-Minor, Gender and Sexuality Studies, And African American Studies

Goin’ Home – Down South and Up South: 

An Autoethnographic Multi-media Performance

This creative autoethnographic project will allow Hornsby-Minor, a performative scholar and artist, to explore memory, home, and identity as well as cultural geography through critical ethnography, the collecting of oral histories, digital media-making, performance, and dance.  This project also demonstrates how dance and movement perform, revise, or reinscribe notions of cultural identity, including representations of gender, and race thereby examining the relationship between how individuals experience their bodies and cultural interpretations of meanings produced by the body. This project explores the meaning of home and belonging, and negotiates how Hornsby-Minor’s moving back and forth between the Northeastern and Southeastern United States (two supposedly opposing socio-cultural geographic landscapes) during the 1960s and 1970s Civil Rights and Black Power socio-political movements critically informs her memory and family identity.