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Early Decision

Every year many students who know St. Lawrence is their first choice apply Early Decision (ED). The application process is complete sooner and students receive their decision letters generally within two-three weeks of completing their application.

Our priority deadline for ED begins on November 1 - we begin reviewing completed applications on this date. Students who decide later that St. Lawrence is their first choice, can apply ED at any time until February 1. We will review ED applications on a continual basis and will notify ED applicants of their decisions as quickly as possible.

If you have done your research and you are certain we are number one for you, submit your Common Application indicating early decision and complete the ED agreement.

Commonly asked questions about St. Lawrence's ED program. 

Q. Are there advantages to applying Early Decision?
A. If you have thoroughly researched your college options and are sure St. Lawrence is your first-choice college, applying ED may allow you to complete the application process earlier in your senior year. The academic profile of students admitted early is similar to that of students admitted Regular Decision, although the percentage of applicants offered admission ED is higher because they have shown their deep interest in becoming a Laurentian.

Q. Why is the percentage of students admitted at Early Decision higher than it is at Regular Decision?
A. When reviewing ED applications, we have room in our class to offer admission to any student whom we believe is a strong match. At Regular Decision, depending on the size and strength of our applicant pool, we generally have more well-matched students than we are able to offer admission to.

Q. Is applying Early Decision at St. Lawrence a binding agreement?
A. Yes. By applying ED, you agree that, if admitted, you will enroll at St. Lawrence and you will immediately withdraw all applications from other colleges assuming you have been awarded financial aid to meet your demonstrated financial need. There is an ED contract that must be signed by you, your counselor and a parent in order to complete your ED application.

Q. St. Lawrence is test optional, do I need to submit test scores with my ED application? 
A. Test scores (SAT-I, SAT Reasoning or ACT) are optional for domestic and US permanent residents, regardless of whether you're applying Regular or Early Decision. Students must indicate on the Common Application which scores, if any, they wish to be considered in the application process. For all students, the most important part of the application is the high school transcript. We also look closely at your essay, your extracurricular activities, and recommendations from your guidance counselors and teachers. If you have a strong high school record, we welcome your application regardless of how you performed on your SAT or ACT.

Q. Will I be considered for merit scholarships?
A. Yes. You will be considered for all academic merit scholarships automatically as we review your application. If you have completed the additional form and essay for our special merit scholarships such as Kirk Douglas, Vilas, Community Service, Leadership or Presidential Diversity with your application, you will also be considered for these awards. Candidates for the Kirk Douglas, Vilas and Trustee Scholarships are selected in March, but students admitted through the ED process will still be considered for these awards at that time.

Q. Will applying Early Decision affect my financial aid package?
A. No. If you apply and are eligible for need-based financial aid, your financial aid package will be the same as if you applied Regular Decision. Your estimated financial aid package will be sent with your decision letter if you have submitted all of the necessary financial aid documents with your application.

Are you ready to apply Early Decision
If you believe that St. Lawrence University is your first choice, consider applying in our Early Decision program. Complete your Common Application, choose Early Decision, and within the Common Application our Early Decision Agreement will be available for you to complete.

If you have already applied under our Regular Decision program and would like to change to ED, that switch is very easy. Download the Early Decision Agreement, sign it, have a parent/guardian, and your high school counselor sign, too. Scan and email it to our office! If you have any questions regarding Early Decision, please contact our office at 800-285-1856 and ask to speak to a counselor.