Applications | St. Lawrence University Sustainability Program


The Sustainability Program is an immersive experiential learning environment where students explore how to live sustainably while developing real world problem solving skills and professional, career-related work experience. Sustainability is inherently interdisciplinary and we value diversity. We welcome students from all backgrounds, experience levels, and academic interests.

Sustainability Program (Fall 2021 thru Spring 2022)

Application due Nov 1st for early acceptance

Application due March 1st

          The flagship year long program.  Selected students live together at the sustainability site during the academic year exploring sustainability issues in class and in the house.  Students take the two sustainability program core classes, Solving Sustainability in the fall and Sustainable Communication in the spring.  They also take a half credit farm practicum each semester.  The remainder of the credits are fulfilled on campus or through independent research.

Summer Agro-Ecosystem Internship Experience (Summer 2021)

Application due Jan 17th

          A new, five week, two credit, agro-ecosytem internship will be offered twice over the 2021 ten week summer session (May 3 - July 9).  Three different levels will be available beginning, intermeditate, and advanced depending on experience, academic history, and knowledge base.  You can apply for an individual five week session or do two sessions for the full ten weeks and four credits.

Paid Land Steward Summer Internship (Summer 2021)

Application due March 1st

          The advanced sustainability program paid summer internship.  Paid internships available for qualified students during the summer.  Some are available for the whole summer (May - August) and some will be made available for students who complete the summer agro-ecosystem internship and run for the remainder of the summer after the course is completed (July - August)